Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Year: 2010
Genre: Hardcore


Harms Way - [No Gods No Masters #01] Darwin
Harms Way - [No Gods No Masters #02] Puppet
Harms Way - [No Gods No Masters #03] Debase
Harms Way - [No Gods No Masters #04] Fantasy
Harms Way - [No Gods No Masters #05] King

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Anonymous said...

I forsee at my end to be banished, by your god for my life and branding,
Never around in the greatness of sorrow screw your god and his unwrit morals.
Stifle god and the idols of hated
Out of my heart I have always been free
One with no need all alone and satanic
Wretched and vile, fuck your god, deface him
Who could believe in a lord that's demanding?
Hard to believe when we die we vanish.
In his deny and for all his creation,
Fuck your god and his righteous hatred.
You and your son you are nothing but absence.
Something not there that controls this planet
Only deceit do I see in your hallow
If you believe you will dwell in failure

Fuck your god
Holy mother for the whore! she is
Fuck your god
Bible thumper preaching threats from hymn
Fuck your god
His revival and the holy ghost
FUck your god
Only tell us what we need to know
Fuck your god
Pointing fingers and then do as me
Fuck your god
You are nothing and you'll never be
Fuck your god
It is Satan who in trusts my soul
FUck your god
Where the christians are I will not go

Fuck his commandments and his prophets left stranded to die
Not in my heart or my soul as I go through this life
Good book of bullshit lay dirty with vengence and lies
Go fuck your Jesus and get the fuck out of my sight

Unity overflowing with anger

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