Sunday, November 15, 2009

Year: 2009
Genre: Hardcore


Defeater - [Lost Ground #01] The Red, White and Blues
Defeater - [Lost Ground #02] The Bite and Sting
Defeater - [Lost Ground #03] A Wound and Scar
Defeater - [Lost Ground #04] Home Ain't Never Home
Defeater - [Lost Ground #05] Singin' New York Town
Defeater - [Lost Ground #06] Beggin' in the Slums

Download [pw: akuma]


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this. i didn't know them and it's the best hardcore band i've heard since a long time. thanks again

Mick said...


Mick said...

I know I already said this is awesome - but I just keep listening to it over and over.

So so great. If you're interested in the genre at all this is totally a must-listen.

Thanks for the up.

out of focus said...

yea this thing rules.

Anonymous said...

i finished downloading it and was extracting it with WinRAR and it asked for password??

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