Monday, June 15, 2009

Year: [various]
Genre: black metal

*contains Dominick Fernow of Prurient*

Genital Tomb [2006]
Ash Pool - [Genital Tomb #01] Lascivious Tyranny
Ash Pool - [Genital Tomb #02] Demolishing Obsession
Ash Pool - [Genital Tomb #03] First Rape
Ash Pool - [Genital Tomb #04] Dragged Down The Cobblestones

Black Bondage In The North [2007]
Ash Pool - [Black Bondage In The North #01] Whipped To Death
Ash Pool - [Black Bondage In The North #02] Burn Furiously

Download [PW: akuma]


kyle king photography said...

hi there,
you've got a great blog going here. i really enjoy the stuff you put up here.
i'm having a problem with the ash pool download, though. the password doesn't seem to work. help?

Dan said...

Oh sorry about that, should be all set now.

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